Police Academy 5 (1988)

Police Academy 5 (1987). Jeffrey Breslauer (in the middle), as the News Photographer.

My friend, Dan Fitzgerald was the Police Commissioner; I was the young News Photographer; and, George Gaynes, of course, was Commandant Eric Lassard.

Matinee (1993)


John Goodman played B-Monster Movie maker Lawrence Woolsey; and, I had a blast as the Bijou Actor, up on the screen, in Woolsey's horror flick, "MANT!"

Michael Kael vs. The World News Company (1998)


A satire on World News, and its influence on World Politics. I  was cast as the First Vigil to the U.S. President, who is being groomed for a third term in office. The film stars; Victoria Principal, Elliot Gould, William Atherton, and Mickey Rooney!

Recount (2008)


This was a movie about the Florida voting "Hanging Chad" controversy in the Bush vs Gore 2000 Presidential election. I was cast as a Miami GOP Lawyer in the Special Balloting room.

Dead End (2010)


Two young couples and a security guard become trapped in a warehouse during the Zombie Apocalypse. I  play a "Corporate Necktie Zombie". One of a number of undead stalkers who terrorize the couples. The film stars Scream Queens Linnea Quigley, and Debbie Rochon.

Terminal Kill (2011)


An Action Thriller, where a secret Government Agency recruits terminally ill people to "eliminate" those who are a threat to the American way of life. I was cast (against type, to be sure!) as Alec Pajari; a sex and drug trafficker, who is the  Agency's current target. 


The Muppets At Walt Disney World (1990)


I had two contracts on this project! I was, shown here,  the Pet Care Attendant, in a scene with Rowlf The Dog (manipulated and voiced by Jim Henson); and, I was also one of the background puppeteers used throughout  this Wonderful World of Disney episode!

The Adventures Of Superboy (1992)


Season 4; Episode 6: "Paranoia". Gerard Christopher WAS Superboy; and, I was cast as an Alien Cop, who was part of a group of suspicious character, making up this episode! The guest stars were Noel Neill (the original Lois Lane), and Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen)... both of them were regulars in the Adventures of Superman (1950-1957)!

Swamp Thing: The TV Show (1993)


Season 3; Episode 30. "The Chains Of Forever". A favorite of mine! I got to  play "Robert"; a troubled and tortured 200 year old man, desperately searching for the Fountain of Youth. I loved being the recipient of the incredible special effects makeup, shown here!!

Trade-Off (1995)


I got to do a scene with  Adam Baldwin, as his Confessional Priest, in this Romance/Crime Drama. 

From The Earth To The Moon (1998)


Episode 7: "That's All There Is". I  was the Apollo 12 Lunar Technician, who tells Astronaut Alan Bean (played by Dave Foley), not to point the camera at the sun. (Of course, he doesn't listen!)

Doctor Who: A Survivor's Triangle (2010)


An independent film, based on the popular British TV Series. 

The Newly regenerated Doctor, (we don’t know what number he is) lands in rural America, meets a young girl troubled by her mother's recent marriage to a strange man (played by me!! Please... no “typecasting“ jokes!!). The man turns out to be an old enemy of The Doctor.