Early Acting Video

This is my actor's demo reel with clips of some of my early film and TV work.  Clips are from "Swamp Thing: The TV Series". (I play a 200 year old man  searching for the Fountain of Youth.) "The Muppets at Walt Disney World"  with Rowlf the Dog. Then, "Superboy". Followed by "Matinee", "Police  Academy 5" and, finally, back to "Swamp Thing" after I've aged into the  200 year old man. Enjoy!

Early Puppeteering Video

Some of my puppeteering experiences with The Muppets At Walt Disney  World, and the Scholastic Math Place Programs (manipulating and voicing  the Spider Mascot). Please forgive the quality of the Spider clips. They  were the best quality available!  I also appear as the Pet Care Attendant, who throws a butterfly net over  Rowlf The Dog (Jim Henson, himself)!!

Terminal Kill Reel

A climactic scene from a TV Pilot I did a while back. Obviously, I'm the bad guy in the pool.


A popular Ford Ranger TV spot I did quite a while back!

I put this here to show my abilities as an "every man" character spokesperson.

Adventures of Superboy clip

This was a popular episode in the series, because the guest stars were Noel Neill, and Jack Larson. ("Lois Lane" and "Jimmy Olsen" from the 1950s Superman TV show!) I was in Heaven, getting to work with two icons from my viewing childhood! They became lifelong friends!

A Subway V.O. Spot

Here is a Subway commercial I voiced for the holiday season..... 

a number of holiday seasons ago.